Where it Floods

Where it Floods – 2017

Blind stubbornness in the face of global catastrophe, and the victims thereof. Calvin, his wife Patty and their son, Kenny, try to maintain their farm and survive in a flooded mid-western landscape despite the fact that (mostly) everyone else seems to have moved on to somewhere safer.

Medium-length narrative (RT 46 mins), focusing heavily on stubbornness, guilt, memory and self-imposed blindness.


Best Animated Short – Sydney World Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

Honorable Mention – Rural Route Film Festival, Astoria NY


Animafest Zagreb – Grand Feature Competition, Zagreb, Croatia

Sydney World Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

Midwest Independent Film Festival – Headliner, Chicago, IL

All assets drawn on paper, scanned and colored digitally, composited in After Effects.

Check out the process page here.

Some stills below. Much more info on Tumblr.

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Calvin Barnes – Chris Marcum
Patricia Barnes – Suzanne Johnson
Maggie Hatfield – Laurie Getchell
Doyle – Kevin Crispin
Wallace – Ryan Schiewe
Kenny Barnes – RL Taradash
Additional Animation
Shawn Spear

“Zerbrechliche Schönheit” written and performed by
Ryan Hanson

Additional Character Designs by

Ryan Schiewe

Animation Interns

Katherine Terada
Foster John Wattles
Ling Song

Recording Engineer

Bryen Hensley

Additional Dialog Recording Engineers

Kaitlyn Heffron & Kyle Eskra


Bryen Hensley and RDS Chicago
Mitch Apley
Scott Taradash
Alida Dow
Chris Sullivan
Nathan Trares
Angela Carlson
Nicholas Fox Robbins
Shayna Connelly

BIG Thanks

Shelley Dodson and Devin Bell (Alot of Fire!)
Ryan Schiewe
Wendy Roderweiss, Josh Jones, Alexander Stewart, Meghann Artes, Jo Dery, Sean Thompson

This film was made in part through an MFA grant from the School of Cinematic Arts at DePaul University

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